_MG_1796.JPGOn 1st of June, 2017, Volunteers Center Skopje organized one more  Language Café together EVS volunteers and other native speakers from countries like Italy, Turkey, Germany, France, Spain, Poland.

_MG_1802.JPGAll the visitors had the opportunity to meet international people, speak, practice or learn the basics of all the presented languages. Also, to learn more about the culture, traditions and all the quirks of the countries.

As a photographer of this volume of Language Cafe, I had the change to visit all the table and see how exiting and cheerful the atmosphere is. People really enjoy practicing what they learned before and are happy to use their knowledge, also have tips from native speakers how to improve.IMG_1853

Later on it started raining and it brought us even closer together. Half of the people were sitting on a bunch and sharing cultural jokes, traveling experience. You can imagine how it is when Macedonians, Turkish, Пolish, Lithuanian, Spanish, Indian folks are all chatting together and having fun. We‘re done for the summer season and the new Language Cafe waits for us in September. Don‘t miss it next time.;)

_MG_1824Language is a specific cultural world phenomenon. Each language of the world is unique, important and must be preserved because it is the spiritual and material reflection of a culture.

Author: Laura Babaityte


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