Program of the events in Skopje (20.06-25.06.2017)

Tuesday 20.06.2017

18813971_1675593035802050_449977371248427086_nThievery Corporation на Skopje Calling 2017 // Stadium of ARM starts at 20:00

One of the most exciting and high quality bands from the world concert industry, Thievery Corporation is coming to Skopje, as a special opening of the Skopje Calling 2017 festival.  The concert will be in the open place and will be held at the ARM Stadium.The tickets for the price of  990 denars will be put up for sale on  May 15th, through the purchase network of Buy Cards About Everything in Macedonia, Jugoton and online.Thievery Corporation in Skopje are coming  as a complete band, with over 20 musicians on the stage.Skopje can expect a real spectacle!

Welcome Summer // Public Room starts at 20:00
We are waiting for the summer, we are thinking of the beach, sunshine, leisure, shorts, dresses, hats, fireflies, crickets, and also peacefully Skopje ~

On this occasion we would like to welcome you to these beautiful days that follow, along with Tuborg! Enjoying a glass of cold beer, all day, with 50% discount!

Annual concert of Bitrix Cultural Artistic Center // MKC start at 20:00 Bitrix Cultural Arts Center invites you to their final concert, which is one of the most beautiful developments in the year for them. Those who have not planned yet where to go this Tuesday, be at 20:00 in Kino Frosina – MKC.The ticket price is 150 MKD.

Whisky & Jazz – Tonal  // Garage Bar start at 20:00 Dear friends,This week, the program at the Garage Bar starts with the good jazz sounds of the jazz guitarist – Tonal.Promotion:Ballantine’s // 100 MKD.

Wednesday 21.06.2017 

Simply Me // Cherry Bar starts at 16:00 Exhibition of jewelry collection titled “Simply Me” autumn / winter 2017/18 by Ikonyja Hand Made Accessories. Welcome to a good party that will last all afternoon. Dj Melani Digit is responsible for the unforgettable party.

Slatkaristika, foam party // Bla Bla Club starts at 20:30
For the first time this summer performer is  Slatkaristika. For the second time, the best foam party in the city along with Dj Che and the long-awaited Sweater at the City Beach (Bla Bla Club).

Pre-order cards 250 den.

19366260_1725609677479852_1597087913362208926_nVaginal monologues // Social Center Dunya starts at 21:00

Today, more than ever, we need a revolution … A revolution to finally free women from violence, injustice, discrimination … they face daily.If you want, you can be part of this revolution …”Vaginal Monologues” is a work written by Yves Ensler, which was first performed in 1996 in America. The same in Macedonia is organized for the fifth time in the production of the informal group of citizens VDay. The entrance is with a recommended donation of 100 denars.* All collected funds will be donated directly to women victims of violence that are socially endangered.

 Humanitarian “Ne se kladi na Englezi” starts at 21:00
The performance “Ne se kladi na Englezi” on June 21 at 21:00 will be played humanitarian on the big stage in MNT, and the collected funds will be donated for the treatment of the small Goce Markovski who suffers from a brain tumor and 24 year old Marina Jovanovska with a rare eye disease leading to blindness. Be humane! More information about the play
Tickets are put up for sale on the ticket office in MNT and through the online network Buy cards for everything at a price of 300 MKD.

Sector 909 for Skopje Zoo // Sector 909 starts at 23:30

On June 21, Sector 909, after a two-year break, will re-open the doors to its audience. As the tradition demands, the opening is with a humanitarian party for the Skopje Zoo. So far, the donkey has been donated for help and relaxation of autistic children, and the next year was donated and equipment for the children to be fully enjoyed. Sector 909 promises that will change the current state of energy and invite you to enjoy the quality of sound and light that you do not remember in the history of Skopje night life. Thursday 22.06.2017

19224926_1684445968249925_1199959648110901884_nAwake with book // Book Bulevar starts at 19.00 Dear readers, Club members and book lovers. Get ready for another Night of the book.Yes for the book till 24 o’clock. Summer can begin!Thursday, June 22 on the boulevard, more than 2000 titles at a discount of 50%.

Promotion of “The Years When I Learned to Fly” from Evgeny Hope // Book Boulevard  starts at 20:00

A promotion of the novel “The Years When I Learned to Fly” will take place on Thursday, June 22, at 8 pm, at our Booker Boulevard, to our adventurous traveler and hitchhiking nomad Eugene Hope. The Years When I Learned to Fly”  What is that home? What does it mean to be a household? Questions that will make Michael Mihail twenty-five years old to engage in a lifelong quest, which begins after meeting on deafening Alma Swenson on one of his hysterical trips. On the last day of their together staying, the girl disappears, as if she had never existed. The search for her presence ends with the finding of a booklet with several broken pages, dedicated to some utopian island.

DNB MK // Bla Bla Club starts at 21:00

Official start of new series on drum and bass parties called “DNB MK”, and the main accent will be left to the domestic jangle and drum and bass. The party will be held at the Blue Blau Club, located on the city beach in the city park. Start 21 o’clock.


Entrance : 100 MKD.

19113859_1605535236123217_7481695981213021195_n.jpg“See music, listen to a picture, get a book!” // MKC starts at 21.00 –City Park Skopje  
The Macedonian Philharmonic orchestra and the Youth Cultural center invite you to a magical journey!  In the City Park in Skopje, open-air music will be the music of one of the most influential music groups of all time – “Pink Floyd”!  The jubilee, tenth spectacle “See music, listen to a picture, get a book !!!”, brings us the eternal themes of the music quartet with a symphony orchestra!  Diary and arrangement: Jian Emin  Soloist: Adi Imeri – vocal and guitar  This year you will receive a good book – “For going on ice” by Werner Herzog, and the visual performance will again be the artistic performance, this time by the artists Julijana Gesovska and Ilija Spasovski-Chendo.

146-D Galaxy Connection – Episode 2 // Kapan An start at 23:00

146- D galactic connection second in the most explicit place on the globe. Guides through the galaxy will be:◆ Kay-Ahuasca ◆/ LOOMYNUM ART Rec. (Swiss)

◆ Mr.Samoa ◆/ LOOMYNUM ART Rec. (Swiss)

◆ Shangri ◆ / V.I.R.U.S Rec. (Swiss)

◆ Psoma ◆ – Stereohemia Rec. (Mk)

◆ Salidelic (Mk) ◆

LUNAR DECO (Forestdelic, Mk)

Entrance : 100 MKD.

The Ringtones // Club Marakana starts at 23:55  On Thursday, Ringshi in Marakana!Start: After midnight The entrance is free with a reservation before 01:00.Reservations by SMS to: 075 274 032

Friday, 23.06.2017

MartinGarrix_Piper-FergusonsmallMartin Garrix на Skopje Calling 2017 // Stadium of ARM at 20:00
Ladies and Gentlemen, with great pleasure we want to announce that the hottest global star, Martin Garrix, for the first time as no.1 world DJ comes to the region as headliner of the Skopje Calling 2017 festival.

Btkrsh Presents: Audio Portmanning (Live) // Kapan An starts at 23:55
Btkrsh with special honor and pleasure invites you to promote the edition “Temperatura” by the Veles multimedia artist Audio Portmanning. Audio Portmanning is Aleksandar Trajkovski, born in 1975 in Veles. His first love – the music, started in the early 90’s with playing in local punk rock bands in Veles: Dr. Martens, Lacky Strike and Black Tulip. As a multi-instrumentalist, co-operation and performances with the Velenje avant-garde group of musicians and bands are inevitable: A.C.E-TONE, Ed & Caravan Serai.
The evening with the d-set will be opened by Martchin, and for the visualizations will be in charge of the Veles visual artist Edit Points.

Input: 150 MKD.

Bandix // Club Marakana

Blame it on the boogie! On Friday party, with Bandix in Marakana!

Start: 01:00 h

Reservations: 075 274 032

Saturday 24.06.2017

19029182_10155126841156558_359628215367988814_nBlagoj Nacoski in Mozart’s Requiem // MOB at 21:00
Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Ana Durlovski – soprano, Irena Kavkalevska – mezzo-soprano, Blagoj Nacoski – Tenor, Vladimir Sazdovski – bass, Conductor: Ivan Eminovik, Director: Dejan Proshev, Choir and orchestra of the MOB

IceCreamFromSaturn in Тran3it // Bla Bla Club starts at 23:59 The temperatures of the cold Saturn are on the rise. Psychedelic ice-cream balls began to melt and transit to Earth …Get ready!

Icfs in Тranzit:
Oldboy a.k.a. Ж’ба – iced techno set

Oniro – promo new EP “Eleven Eleven” Profound rec.India +Dj set

Yovie – Synchrosphere Dj set

All eternity is our playground!

Input: 150 MKD

Aérea Negrot // Epicenter starts at 23:59

Friends, finally in Skopje, a killing voice – Aérea Negrot. Singer, producer, DJ and composer in a magic lamp.

Local support: Sonja Ismail  ( The Mountain ( the party, an exhibition of photographs “With the eye on the margins” will be placed in the toilets of the club. Input: 200MKD

Sunday 25.06.2017

19237949_1990934054458725_781126563312846539_o.jpgBBQ Party #4 // Public Room starts at 12:00

BBQ Party #4 Another relaxed weekly outdoor hangout. This time, besides a ready-made terrace, a barbecue and well-cooled drinks will have a jazz gig.With the keyboards of Gordan Spasovski and the guitar of Zoran Kostadinovski will enjoy the favorite jazz standards! The rules of the game remain as of the past 3:Everyone has the choice of meat that the Public Room bosses consume and grill in the best way.The Public Room team is concerned about the supply of enough cold beers, wines, brandy, juices and cocktails for 100 hours! Dress code: Your most comfortable bermuda, flip-flops and cotton jersey.


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