Ohrid Lake- a piece of paradise.


Macedonia – a small country full of natural beauty. Growing up here you breathe fresh air and swim in the clear waters of its stunning lakes. You climb mountains and drive through roads surrounded by the trees. You harvest your own fruits and vegetables and collect the flowers from your garden. It is small but breathtaking.


Ohrid Lake is the biggest of three natural lakes in Macedonia. It is one of Europe’s deepest and oldest lakes. When I think about Ohrid Lake I think about peaceful, crystal clear water and almost magical views. Surrounded by 365 churches Ohrid town it is a story for itself. But the Lake is the heart of the town. For me personally it was the highlight of the summer when I was growing up whenever we went to visit Ohrid Lake. Now that I am older I still get excited. On a hot day, the area of the city is full of people bathing, drinking and dinning.


The cool water is translucent and inviting, the cliff-backed setting is sublime and strolling this stretch of coast up to the Church of Sveti Jovan is an Ohrid must do. Whenever you want to dive in the magnificent water surrounded by endemic ecosystem, jump from the mountain paragliding over the blue water or just sit on the beach and relax, Ohrid has it all. This is just a small part of what Ohrid can offer. Do not hesitate to stop by this tiny little piece of paradise. Trust me I have done it and it was so worth it.

Author: Emilia Apostolova

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