Changing Life

top-image-life-changing-benefitsA lot of people in the world are not happy with their life that is one of the reason why people always want to posses some aim in their life. In this way most of people think like this aim will bring to them happiness. Actually from one hand having an aim really nıce and helpfull thing what will help to gain willpower, and  the other hand if this aim becomes  your  passion that means your aim is out of the road and formed something else. When you got passion there is a something arise inside of you and want more and lust after everything which you think it will make you happy. But it is not, unless somebody say stop it. Otherwise it is gonna be endless crave. So people are already happy but it is forgotten . We dont need even more to get happy. Also one of the biggest obstacle  reach  to peace in our life is invest our lıfe to the future in order to gain happiness and that  cause missing out at the moment.  Alot of people unconsciously live in that trap due to overthinking next steps . So many times we think like ‘ I would rather to be there or near the sea’ this is a thought  concept which looking for happiness.. It is bit interesting but almost nobody tell ‘ I would rather to be here’ . Let’s acknowledge this is what it is .


Anda lot of people are state of jammed in continuous monotone life circle, working,shopping,paying


Loan, earning losing and earning again, competing each other so on and so forth.

Lets change our life take a break for a while and get out from this incessant  circle.

Let’s do something that we haven’t had courage to do it before.

Let’s discover essence of ourselves without influencing by labels and concepts.

Author: Ugur Dogus

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