Woman and Ice Hockey?!

Monika Pishevska is 19 years old and is currently the first year of the Faculty of Law at the University “St. Cyril and Methodius “in Skopje where she studies Political Science.

At the age of 4, she met and loved skating as a sport , thanks to her parents who were carrying  to the skating rink.At the beginning,of course there were no special skills, but her parents felt the talent she had and over time with the long hours spent on ice, Monika learned many things that are still important today. Of course, in Macedonia the conditions for sliding ice are not ideal, but despite months of training per year, the desire to be on ice has not died out.In her first years of ice, she did not have a coach, but she is grateful to her father for his skills, who took on that role, even though he does not slip, but he understands a lot in skating. In addition to ice hockey, Monika is interested in other activities, especially in the field of youth organizations. She likes to learn languages and to travel.Monika Pishevska is a Macedonian ice hockey player who is firmly walking on the ice, writing down the history of Ice Hockey in Macedonia.


 Ice Hockey is a sport that has been popular for years in the North American countries, as well as in Russia. In Macedonia they know about this sport, but not everyone is informed that there is a school for hockey in our country. Of course, the first reactions of people are very interesting when I say that I am training hockey. But, as for everything else, the opinions are divided. Some consider it to be nice and interesting, since it is very different from the conventional idea for a girl. But there are people who think that such a sport does not look like a girl because of his roughness and masculinity. However, the second view is even rarer. It’s amazing that some people have never heard that there is a hockey in Macedonia, so their reactions are most interesting to me. Although my introduction to hockey was originally through artistic skating, the transition was not easy. At first I was skeptical because I was never interested in hockey, but after several days of thinking I decided to try. The feeling  that I had when I put all this equipment on myself was amazing, because in the artistic sketch we were minimal dressed. I can freely say that at first I was ridiculous, but given the chances of injury that could happen in the game, we saw the necessity of so many shields. The trainings take place five times a week, an hour and a half.Before each training, heating out of the ice is necessary in order to heat the muscles and avoid injuries.The trainings include skating exercises, fitness, exercises with a stick, and again, and usually at the end of the training we have time for a short run.I have participated in several competitions where I have been building new experience for this sport.Definitely the most interesting contest I have ever participated was the Macedonia-Canadian competition, where I had the honor to compete with a team from Canada in which there were both male and female hockey players.I have the desire to compete in the future and to be part of larger teams such as the Balkan League.


I honestly have expectations and hope that more girls will join in the future and become part of the hockey.The popularization of this sport among girls will help to break away from the traditional view of masculine sports, and at the same time contribute to greater gender equality.Hockey is a sport that needs to be looked with a passion and experience, there is no limit on whether it is a male or female sport, it is a challenge and an art at the same time – Monika Pishevska.

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