How to use Cigna insurance?

At the beginning of EVS project Every volunteer who join on the program for youth on Erasmus + EVS at the beginning of this project he is register of Cigna insurance. “What is Cigna insurance?” – Cigna insurance is your life-jacket, when anyone can’t help you and you need medical support.


You will be informing about insurance and medical care in participant country by your sending organization. You should register yourself on official web-site and you can start to use they service. You should to fill individual information form and bank account information, download your individual health card and check partner clinics in your area. You can use on web-site “Provider search” for finding doctor. Has a different type of clinics partnership with Cigna: 1 – direct payment, 2 – direct payment maybe possible, 3 – price agreement. On the first situation you don’t need to pay anything, it is mean clinic will use direct payment with insurance company. Second and third situation mean you should give your own money (later it will be reimbursement), save all a medical report, a detailed invoice, a proof of payment, any relevant additional reports or information regarding the treatment and prescription from the doctor. After the meeting with a doctor, you should make a scan of the above documents, submit a claim on web-site and download all scan for reimbursement. It’s very easy and you will make it maximum 10 minutes. This reimbursement process lasted from 10 working days. More information about health care you can find on official web-site and on info pack. This insurance is really helpful, if you have any accident in different country, but of course is better, when you will try to safe your health and never in your life don’t use insurance. Be careful and have a safe trip!

Aisen Bragin


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