Montenegro and Serbia


The places that I have been in my vacation are Montenegro ‘Budva,Bar and Kotor’, Serbia ‘Belgrade, Nis and Novi Sad’.  All of them has  own special things therefore I can’t  explain which one is better or can’t do any comparison. A part from night traveling I was always staying at hostel which is allow you to make new friends from all over the world. 25 of August  around 4 p.m. we  were at the Montenegro border in my boss car, the queue was not crowded as I thougt.


They were gonna go to South Montenegro to visit somebody and he just offered to give me a lift till the Capital of Montenegro. When we arrive Podgorica I took a bus to get to Budva. It took a while get me there but around 6 I was checked in hostel. Right after I put on my swimsuit and hit the road to the Adriatic sea in order to chill after all way I had.


For the Budva I may say that pretty touristic city there were lots of Rusian and European tourist. There are some historical places that surely became source of income lıke in every touristic places. Kotor was more lıke a chilly place and due the beach is surended by mountains sea is not wavy  and beach is more calm and relax.


But Budva has nice entartainment life and nice thing is Kotor just 30 minutes far away from Budva that allow you to make your vacation in both place ‘ calm and enjoyable’ .Briefly it was nice to be there I’m pretty sure that I’ll go again. Ah I forgot mention about the Bar though I haven’t hanged out in that city too much but it is cheaper than Budva 20170731_193901[1]and there is rail station in there. Afterwards Montenegro I head to Serbia.

Though I was curios about to see Bosnia Herzegova but there was no train to the Bosnia. Therefore I took a train to the Novisad. It was a half daytime and half night travel and that is the best because you can sleep either you can enjoy your travel by meeting with the new people or by watching through the window. I had a very nice travel even though it was became cold when the train go through the tunnel. Well I end it up that trip with my warm clothes and towel. Novi sad has a own style . You will know what I’m saying about after you see other cities. I stayed there 2 night .It was a Saturday we met with some locals and they took us to the local club .


Surely you know what  I’m talking about real ‘Turbo-Folk’ club .It was pretty cool but just for 30 minutes. If I understood Serbian language I’m quite sure I would love it . Than I head Belgrade. It takes one and a half hour  by train. And you are in the urban area again. Novi sad was calm and not too much peaople. But if we talk about Belgrade I can say that this city doesnt sleep . It was a Tuesday we were hanging out at the hostel with people than around 3:30 a.m we decided to go to bar the place called’Maniac’. When we went there there was nobody except us .Untill 3:45 we were hanging out by our self then one crew came of right after one more bench of people. Around 4:00 a.m. the bar was full. I ended up with four days in Belgrade.Than I head Nis.

Nis is a nice city as well there are some museums which attract some people, there is international Nisville jazz festival were looking nice but I was a  tired after four days in Belgrade.So therefore I head to my second home Skopje again for now.

Uğur Doğuş




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