Pivolend 2017


It was the day before the Super Cup match, Monday. I clearly remember walking up towards the old bazaar, people trying to sell me T-shirts, and all I would say is “Which way is Pivolend?”. We found it with ease. I think we had gotten there quite early because although everything was set up, everyone was still at the preliminary Super Cup event happening at the square.


Later, however the place was full and I was wondering to myself, if its Monday night, don’t these people have to be at work in the morning?? But nonetheless, with a variety of different beers from countries like Belgium, America, etc the bartenders eventually started to know me well because every time I went to the bar I ordered the same drink – still water.


I had such a good time at Pivolend. It was my first beer festival I’ve been to in Macedonia and overall a great experience. I particularly remember the various music acts like Duoz, Beyonce Tribute Band, SARS, just to name a few. There was quite a selection of meaty food as well there. I think the festival left a good impression on me because we went there 4 out of the 7 days they were active. I guess that’s why I decided to write about it. 

In conclusion, whatever music you’re into, or if you want to try different beers from abroad, or just want to be packed in a crowd of people having fun, Pivolend is definitely worth a visit. If you went this year (the 10th edition) you’ve done yourself a favour. Otherwise, check it out next year.

Chris Maiken

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