Pink soup?

20884063_1584133254976623_764762865_o (1)I don‘t know how many of you tried it or even hear about it, but those who didn‘t are missing out.

Ok, I know that everything comes up to the taste and you cannot really argue about that, because eveone likes different things, but in Lithuania we are crazy about this shit! We call it šaltibarščiai. I made it last month and today for myself and some international friends. They seems to like it. And for me it feels like home when I eat it.. Do you know that kind of feeling? 😀

So, I don‘t know if you‘re gonna like it, but you should definitely try it. Super easy, refreshing and perfect lunch for hot summer day.


You will need:

4-6 portions

2 bottles of Kefyr (didn‘t tried with jogurt, but it may also work) 1,5l

Marinated Beetroots – 1 big jar

Eggs – 3

Cucumber – 1 long or 3 small ones

Dill – just a lil bit

Spring onions – 1 flock

Salt – 1 tsp

Potatoes – 5 bigger ones



Start boiling the eggs and potatoes. At the same time start cutting everything. In Lithuanian we have grated beetroots, here in Macedonia I only found the ones in slices. It‘s better to cut them in stripes or at leat make the slices smaller. Cut the cucumber in cubes. Some people also grate cucumber, but if you like the crispness in your food, cubes it is. Spring onions, dill and boiled eggs should be cutted as well. Then put everything to one large bowl and add kefyr. You can make the soup as liquidish as you want by adding milk or even water (both still or mineral is good). Then you put salt to the taste. And voilà! You have the soup.


If the potatoes are boiled you can either start eating, or fry them a little bit (that’s how I like it, but if you’re really hungry, nevermind).

Serve the soup with a pinch of dill on top of it and with steaming potatoes on the table.


Laura Babaitytė

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