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Krakow 7

It all started when I got into the van which transported me to the exit of Skopje. From there, I rolled over on a bus that was my moving home in the next 24 hours. After many hours spent in the bus, breaks at some of the petrol stations we arrived in a small town in Poland, which is located near the border with Slovakia .I calmed down my tiredness but surely it overwhelms me. I arrived in Krakow where I met the organizer who supposed to be our host at this leadership meeting and some of the leaders.

 After a delicious traditional Polish dinner we headed to the airport near Krakow to welcome the leader from Serbia. And traveling again.., We had to reach onw small mountain village called “Czarny Dunajec” (black river), after the hour and a half we reached the hotel where we were staying. Soon after we arrived, we all fell asleep.

zakopane 5

A new day filled with new activities. In the morning we had a breakfast and a morning coffee, then we went for a walk through the village. First we went to the river that was nearby and there we talked about the activities that will take place at the seminar which suppose to be at the end of September. Then we headed to the center of the village and entered a few shops for traditional Polish clothes. After that we had some free activities before the lunch.  We had a lunch in one restaurant that served traditional dishes. After finishing lunch, we continued to discuss about the activities that we will have at the seminar.  We went to the nearby village called Zakopane. It is a small place that is intended more for mountaineers who descend from the mountain. There are quite interesting things that can be visited, such as the amusement park that has parties for all ages. There is a market where souvenirs and leather jackets are sold, skies the terrain where you can reach either on foot or by cable car. But of course it is not just a tourist street that is one and a long and is filled with shops and street sellers of cheese and other interesting things. There is a shop where bubbles are made (as the local locals once told me was made of bobbins on the spot) from the way we walked the center we went to dinner at a restaurant. After completing all the activity we boarded the van and headed to the hotel. But despite fatigue, one cold Polish beer is always welcome. Everything nice briefly lasts. This was the last night for hanging out with the leaders. Some of the leaders left early in the morning, and the rest of us that stayed, went all along to Krakow. So we stayed together during the day.

All other leaders left , and I had two more days to stay and wait for my bus. From here begins my adventure . I settled down in Krakow, in a small hotel that was located in the old part of the city. Two days left to explore the city. I put the camera on my shoulder and the party started.

zakopane 3

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