VOICES September 2017 Edition

September…Although is the 9th month in the year, for some reasons it is considered as a month for new beginnings…It is the months when pupils go back to school, students occupy the universities, summer vacations are over, new seasons of series begin, the city bus schedule in Skopje goes back to regular…We, from VCS and VOICES in a way consider September as something new and fresh. The September edition, for example, is the first monthly edition after the Summer edition (for two months), almost every September we have new volunteer/generation of arriving/departing from their EVS…

For this September edition of the VOICES magazine we have prepared for you exciting and brand new stories and reportages… Open your laptop or mobile phone, sit on some bench, put your legs on the wet yellow leaves below you, feel the summer ending sunbeams and enjoy reading about South Africa, learn more about VET possibilities, think a bit about Game of Thrones, look at the portrait of Stoyan Hristov, touch the virgin forest, feel the spirit of E+ in Hungary, Germany and France, meditate and become more spiritual and many more…

Enjoy the New Beginnings… Cheers!

VCS Team

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