Game of Thrones…reality or fiction???


When I heard for the first time about this series, I thought that it was a virtual or PC game, the name sure sounds like it. Afterwards I realized that it is actually TV series based on novels written by George R. R. Martin, so in my case, the information regarding the “Game of Thrones” came through the TV series, not trough the novel first which I think is very likely in these modern times when we spend more time on movies/TV, rather than reading a book.

Anyway, the first time I heard about it, it wasn’t appealing at all to me. Especially the fact that it is a blockbuster, “everybody” is in love with it and that it is actually the most downloaded series on Utorrent ever! I usually like series and movies that are a bit hidden from the public that there is always some double meaning, real life output and connection and philosophy in it. I really thought that the “Game of Thrones” is just another imagination based story like for example Harry Potter which I totally dislike (I apologize to the fans of these movies, but really, how can you watch Harry Potter!:)

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My journey of being “addicted” to this series started after I visited Dubrovnik last November. As you may already know, Dubrovnik is one of the places where “Game of Thrones” was filmed, the old city was full of posters and advertisements regarding it, the good old school of making money from advertisement :). Nevertheless there was another place that finally changed my mind regarding the series – The Castle of Klis, close to city of Split, where also some footage was done. It is a magical place!

After my return home, I decided to give it a chance, like every “normal” Balkan person, I watched first season online and “the games” began, episode after episode. I probably watched the first season during one weekend, then the second came, the third one, the fourth season, fifth, sixth… Now I am awaiting Monday to come, so I can watch next episode of Season 7.

AdamFoster, flickr

Since the beginning of my “addiction” to this series, I started to wonder why this content is so appealing to me. Why does it make me watch it over and over again? I think I have figured out one of the possible answers: it is a perfect combination between the past, the present and the fiction! Through the design of the characters in this series, the author and especially the director/screen writer is giving us few things: first, they are reminding us about some values, principles, honest love and honor present in the behavior of the people in series, characteristics that are not so easy to find in our daily life and interaction with other people, in our global societies. And I think people are truly missing these values, honest love, principles and honor. As second feature, they are skillfully sending us the message that very often rootless, head stepping, cruel and vicious people are the rulers of our societies and many of their crimes are still passing unpunished, which is again the reality of our societies as well. Through the series they are also transferring us the cruel truth that not every human is born equal and we all do not receive equal chances in life. The third very important feature is the inclusion of as I call it “real” fantasy, because most of the events and characters/monsters/creatures are taken from the Epps, antic stories, fairytales and other sources, created by mixing the un-explained real life situations and the imagination of the humankind.

I am truly in love with the Game of Thrones…What about you?

Gjoko Vukanovski

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