Exploring Meditation & Spirituality

mantra-om-A wise soul once told me this: “Life is variable. Everything is always changing – our looks, age, technology, fashion, our friends, etc. The one thing that stays constant and does not ever change from the moment we are born till we die is our breathing. We will always breathe in and always breathe out. This is very important.”

There are many, many ways to meditate, and the one thing that remains constant is our breathing. If you concentrate on taking a slow deep breath in, hold for a couple of seconds, and exhale a long slow breath out, you will actually feel a bit better. More calm, less anxious and more relaxed. We can say that this is indeed a form of meditation. Now that we have found the common thread, we can now look at some of the various other forms of meditating. This I have to point out is according to people’s personal preferences and is not exactly set in stone as different people have different variations and combinations of these practices.

spirituality-2381114_960_720Light is an important part in spirituality as we try to shift our consciousness and spirit from darkness into the light. One way to achieve this is through the use of colours. Different colours (such as red, orange, green, violet, etc.) have different healing and energetic properties. This can be achieved by simply visualizing the colour and embracing your being in that colour. And while we’re talking about colours, I would like to mention briefly the chakras. The direct meaning of chakra is energy “wheel” and we have 7 major chakras in our bodies. Starting from the base/survival chakra which is at the lowest part of the spine, and ending with the highest one which is the crown chakra located around the top of the head. When we feel a discomfort, dis-ease or some form of inner pain, recharging and cleansing the chakra closest to the discomfort can help at times. Unless it’s something that one would need to see a doctor about, then rather take the professional medical approach. I try recharging my chakras as often as possible.

Mantras are a powerful form of meditation, and can really work wonders I shifting consciousness and our belief systems for the better. I try practice repeating mantras as often as I can and it takes a certain amount of discipline especially if you say them with prayer beads. The most effective mantras are those that have existed for many years (maybe hundreds, or even thousands of years) as the more times mantras have been repeated over time, the more powerful the energy is of the energy they carry. I would recommend checking out some Vedic mantras if this interests you.

In my experience, I make sure that I always have a meditation or spirituality journal close by for any epiphanies, spiritual messages, profound spiritual experiences, or even just for visions seen through the third eye. Sometimes I try creating a stronger connection with God, or higher self, spirit guides, angels, the universe, infinite intelligence, or whatever. What’s important to remember is that there is always something greater than us. We are not the most superior beings.

I have always had an appreciation for the Eastern methods and practices of meditation such as the Tibetan monks or the people that devote time to go to the temples and ashrams to discover and later live their “true selves”. The discipline they have for daily meditative practice is amazing. I don’t follow any specific religion; I take what makes sense from different religions and cultures and leave the rest. I also do not judge different people’s beliefs, as I can learn something from each and every person. The Buddha teaches that enlightenment is the end of suffering. People ask, “then what is it exactly?” Well that is the point! If Buddha were to say enlightenment is, let’s say ‘happiness’ for example, then people would attach different labels and beliefs around it and make it seem like something that would take time to attain. The fact that he says it is the end of suffering makes it a lot easier and simpler to attain enlightenment. Life is simple; we just make it complicated for ourselves.

columnar-945653_960_720If this topic has kept you reading up to this far you might be interested as well in exploring more about spirituality such as sacred geometry, reiki, the power of Now, and the law of attraction. It is all online and there is plenty of stuff on YouTube as well. Be sure to check out Spirit Science, videos on manifestation, and if meditation is new for you, try the guided meditations as well.

Until next time… Namaste.

Chris Maiken


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