Industrial style at our homes

Over the last few years industrial style furniture has taken over the world with its authenticity, minimalism and trendy design. Bars, restaurants and shops love it and use it much more often lately especially because of its simple yet stylish appearance that attracts customers. But when it comes to the industrial style in our homes there are few rules that we need to know in order to create an ambient in which we can enjoy, live and love. The design scheme of the style mainly focuses on blending rough and raw materials with clean furnishings and décor. There are things you should consider when styling your room for an industrial look, such as the lighting, what to use on the walls and flooring, furnishings and even adding plants.

Industrial-Style-Bedroom-Design-Ideas-06-1-KindesignWhen selecting your light fixtures, be sure to keep with the industrial by picking lamps, pendant lights and chandeliers in black and white or metal. You can use pendants with exposed wires and bulbs. The most popular finish for walls is exposed brick (this can be left raw or painted white). When it comes to the flooring, the wood is definitely the right choice. Rugs and area carpets are optional if you want to add little bit more warmth to the space. Metal chairs and benches blend in well and also a big piece of art if you want to add a central point in your room. Now, let’s talk about plants. My favorite part, plants bring life and freshness into the space and I love how well they go with the industrial styled rooms. You can use all variety of different plants like ficus or cactus. And last but not least, use metal pipes to create custom DIY looks for shelves, a bed frame, hanging clothes storage and lighting.

 So if you are redecorating and you want to create something different yet cozy and stylish don’t hesitate to invest in couple of industrial pieces of furniture. Here are some pics to help you get the inspiration and understandings of this very unique and fun style. Enjoy…

Emilija Apostolova

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