French civil service volunteer in Day care center in Shutka

                                                   Dounia’s introduction

dunjaHey you, reading this blog, I’d like to introduce myself to you: My name is Dounia, it means the fruit in the macedonian language, but Dounia means also the life and the world in Arabic!

I was born and live usually in Paris (except this next year), i am 26 and my country of origin is Morocco, currently studying second year of Bachelor of Sociology and Political Sciences. Here is my: “I like /I don’t like”:

I like: Theater, cinema, traveling, cooking (eating, but of course doing it) fashion, laughing, dancing and singing.

I don’t like: brussels sprouts, hypocrisy, pollution, but what I hate above all is injustice.

I am here to take care of the Roma children in the center of Shutka, I hope that I will be useful and I look forward to discovering macedonian culture and the surrounding countries.

Take care of yourself and if you have a dream go for it! Absolutely nothing is impossible!

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