Don’t judge book by its cover


On 5th and 6th October local VCS volunteer together with EVS guest organised workshop on the subject of tolerance in Vasil Antevski dren highschool. 2-day workshop based on EPTO and CEJI methods lasted all in all 6 hours, during this time participants got to know a lot on different cultures, religions, understanding of what our beliefs mean to us and our environment. Provided activities allowed them to self-reflect, discover new and open themselves for others. Thanks to the workshop they had a safe open space for discussion, it touched the subjects that are not so easy for youth e.g. discrimantion based on stereotypes, Through the exercises they could observe how their attitude and views changed in time. Participants touched not only religious aspects but also cultural, one part of workshop was devoted only to rites of passage, how they influence us and what events are considered to be the ones that us to grow up and transform. Both facilitators Andrej Naumovski and Beatriz Casares found this subject important especially in Balkans where so many different nations and religions mix. The activities were successful, particpants ended up more knowledgable and open-minded.


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  1. […] all we managed to realize four workshops in career centre allowing youth to dig into the subject of tolerance, discrimination, different religions and beliefs. We continued with the series introducing youngsters to team building activities, explaining some […]


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