Volunteers in Prilep


The journey started with a 7am alarm clock wake up. We then headed to the station to board the bus to the town with the monkey story behind it known as Prilep. Once we got there we met up with the Italian EVS volunteers who are based there and they were so kind as to welcome us with some good coffee and a trip around Prilep.


We visited the offices of Sega, Youth Council and Info Sega (where Pulse Radio is located). It was quite funny because I walked in filming the girls and they were quite surprised and I said “Don’t worry, there’s no sound recording so you can swear if you want!” But they were okay about it. We then went to the monastery of Archangel Michael which was by the mountain, but we made a group vote and decided we weren’t gonna climb it. Also Chris was wearing white shoes (and lazy). After we had a Macedonian lunch in the town and later we went to see the Memorial park. Alexandra was fascinated with the tobacco all around and she must have taken 20 pictures of that. That night we had some fun with all the volunteers and met a few locals and Americans.


We were hosted by Moldovan EVS volunteers who were very accommodating. The following morning we headed to the Info Sega Office where we started the preparations of the Info Day activities. With a bunch of balloons we headed to Prilep centre where we set up the stands and promotional materials and we then got “busy”. There were stands for EVS, Youth Council, Info Sega as well as the big blue book (Book of Ideas) stand. It was quite hot and we met a few people who came to the stands. Seeing as our Macedonian is not 100% yet, we struggled to understand some of the older people but luckily we had local Macedonian support with us. So everything turned out okay in the end. There was distribution of materials, people were writing suggestions in the Book of Ideas and we had a parallel mission to get some interviews of some of the other volunteers (which you can see on our Youtube channel). We later proceeded to the Pulse Radio in one of the offices and we recorded a story/fairytale for their online radio show (you can find their fan page on facebook). It was quite a new experience for both of us and we had some good laughs.


The day was nearly over and it was time to head back to Skopje. We got to the bus station and had to say goodbye to the tobacco town. Overall a good experience and we would definitely go back again sometime. You can see our photos on the VCS fan page.

Authors: Chris Maiken

                Aleksandra Grzyb

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