Children laugh


Volunteer Centre Skopje made a decision to send me to Kumanovo for visiting another NGO organization “MultiKulti” for gaining new work experience with local children. I took a bus from the main station in Skopje at 08:30 and I was in Kumanavo at 09:15. Unfortunately, my phone died and I didn’t know the address of the destination. But my travelling experience helped me to find the way. I went to the closet restaurant and charged my phone and checked the address on the internet. Easier way would be to ask people to find this information on their phone, but I didn’t choose the easy way. After the nice morning tea I took a taxi to “MultiKulti” for 50 denars. When I got to this place, I met in front of the youth centre two beautiful girl coordinators and two energetic volunteers from France. They meet me with a big smile, showed me around the youth centre and prepared me a cup of tea.


The girls tried to make me feel as comfortable as possible and they did a great job, because I felt in their organization as I did in my own home. In the first half hour the centre was empty, but later all the children with loud laughs and big smiles got inside. I was surprised, because it was a lot of children. I asked: “How it is possible to have that much children in the same time?”, and their answer was very logical: “Near to the centre we have a primary school”. A big part of the children speak in Albanian and to communicate with them was easier in English, than in Macedonian. One child with a British accent asked me: “Can you play table tennis with me?” and I responded positively. I had some experience with this type of sport, but I never thought that this child would have a crushing victory 11-5 (wasn’t in my favor). On the street some of them played football, local games or juggling instruments. French volunteers Baptiste’s (yes, both of them have coincidentally the same name) were really good social workers, because they patiently explained to all children how to use this thing and how to play this game. I think they have really good chance to be nominated as the most smily volunteers in Macedonia. After the working time I went with Baptiste to volunteers apartment and I was amazed, because they live in very nice conditions. They have very nice view from window and they have a PlayStation – yes, this is the most relaxing thing in the world for me. That was my first exchange-experience in this country and I feel I have a very big success from that. I want to say thank you to all of them, including Daniel (UK guy from D-Festival / one of the coordinators in “MultiKulti”), for a very warm greeting and hospitality.



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