_JLN7875.jpg                Fifth year in a row VCS as a regional office of Coalition of Youth organizations SEGA to implement the project “Macedonian Model of United Nations (MMUN)”, we are ready to open the doors of new generation of MMUN 2018 Ambassadors /delegates/chair persons .

Coalition of youth organizations SEGA  implements the Macedonia Model United Nations (MMUN) programme from 2012, until now they six national conferences of the United Nations Model have been organized.  Macedonia Model United Nations (MMUN) is a program that encourages youth in high school and college throughout Macedonia to engage in current events, and develop an improved understanding of diplomacy and cross-cultural collaboration. MMUN is not politically affiliated; it encourages free speech and democratic processes. It empowers youth to develop solutions based on constructive debate with their peers, challenging them to gain a better understanding of world issues and complex topics.

Aiming to include the  youth from our organization and our city  in this programme, we OPEN the Call for MMUN AMBASSADORS.


  • Must have previous experience with MMUN or to have knowledge of the work of the United Nations;
  • Must have fluency in English;
  • Must be between the ages of 14 and 25;
  • Excellent communication skills;
  • Responsibility in executing envisaged tasks;
  • Ability to work with team;

Main responsibilities of  the Ambassadors  include:

  • Participation in Training for MMUN Ambassadors ;
  • Establishment of team of 7 – 10 young people that will be actively involved in the programme;
  • Organizing regular meetings with the team;
  • Communication with local Club Coordinator and MMUN staff;
  • Participation in regional trainings;
  • Preparation of the team for the 2018 MMUN Conference – Ambassadors are responsible for making sure their club stays organized and each participant completes required tasks.

Ambassadors can also apply or request to be in the Youth Assembly, or assist with the logistics for the final conference.

To apply to be an Ambassador fill out the application form and send it to,  no later than 8th of November 2017. You will be interviewed by the club coordinator of VCS

You can find the application form on this LINK.


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