Can you hear me?

If a violinist plays in the woods and there is no one there to hear him, does he really make a sound?

Although this question was posed by one of characters from cult 90s. tv series Northern Exposure it didn’t lose on its validity. What would be the purpose of art for art’s sake? For imbalanced or rather lost in his life musician – Cal – none. Millennials would agree.


More and more often we hear about them in media. Millennials – generation born in 80s. and 90s. at present entering or embracing adulthood still doesn’t rule but stands already in the queue to take control over the world. They, or rather we, as I’m also part of this group (born ‘91), are said to care only about ourselves being convinced as to our value, that used to be praised we don’t know anymore other forms of motivation, that changes in the society as well as omnipresent social media deprived us from privacy. According to many, millennials are the ones to match the comparison of Michel Focault who presented modern society as Panpticon. I guess he was right, our reality bears marks of prison where everyone feels observed. The only difference is that we put ourselves in there and it’s not only the case of millennials. Following the upcoming social trends no one has doubts that we did it to ourselves. We post everything, holiday pictures, our pets, our breakfast, our car accident, our body and all that is up for judgement of jury that is on the other side of the screen. No one knows though who won and in which competition. Who watched Truman Show can experience déjà-vu. It’s difficult not to get an impression that humans in XXI century live more for the show (off), for the others than for themselves. Or maybe we started to live in glass houses though doubtful is whether Baryka from The Spring to Come imagined them this way.


That’s us, people from facebook era who need to hear the sound. In order to be able to do so we need audience. Where did go the faith that what we do makes sense? How big is the need of approval from the others if without their attention we don’t know the value of our actions? The world went too far in pursuit of thumb icon. What stays unnoticed or not published ceases to exist as there is no one to judge it. Is our need of applause stronger than the message, if so what is its value? To which extent our internet image is our creation and when did we lose ourselves? More and more often we talk about conscious creation of image, the question is whether under the guise of well-shaped notion the fraud is hidden? Despite common selfishness we are stuck in the community that pats each other backs counting on the same when the next post comes on the wall. The pursuit for common approval continues and can soon become the curse of presence. Expansion occurred, already ages ago the language of internet transferred to the reality. Quite often while listening to on live broadcast we can hear “I like it” as if commentator wants to click virtual thumb but he/she cannot, fortunately the reality still doesn’t fit to the screen of a tablet.

Although our public doesn’t gather up in auditorium but on the other side of the screen, we, people of XXI century we do know that we made the sound. The only question that is left is to ask ourselves whether it was not a sour note? How about we go to the woods?


Aleksandra Grzyb

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