Language Café Vol. 5 – 28th Nov 2017


Yesterday the 28th of November, it was a good and motivating Tuesday to be at Café Bar “Ljubov” for the 5th Language Café event hosted by Volunteer Centre Skopje. Language Café is an event where different nationalities come together to share their language and culture with others. The reason that it was motivating was because it felt like it was my first time all over again because I had my table inside in a warm, well lit, cosy interior. And as I walked in I saw someone reading “The Secret”, which gave me more inspiration.

I met some new people, as well as some familiar faces, and I felt proud to put up my country’s flag on the table. It was interesting to share a bit about South Africa and teach some phrases to a few people. At the same time, good company. Also, I was lucky to get some feedback from some other participants that were there.


One of our French volunteers was quite surprised that there were so many people who went to chat with them at the French table to speak in French. He mentions it was different experience to speak with some people who were beginning to learn the French language, and it was also good because he got to speak in Macedonian as well to practice too. The other French volunteer girls also agree – it was a good exchange between Macedonian and French languages. There were more people this time around and it was good because they got to share their French Talking Group with who ever wanted to speak French language. For the date and time of the French Talking Session you can follow our Facebook page.


image-0-02-05-fa5036e733f13ea0317657d751cc837f051728d903880a034c94810d994adc55-VOur Estonian volunteer said she could find common ground in their conversations and got to relate on sports and other topics. The people were nice and friendly. Our Polish volunteer mentioned that it was good to see so many different cultures there, and also that it’s getting into winter season it’s a nice vibe because there are more people. I only later realized there was also a Spanish table, where our Slovenian volunteer also spent time there. Her friends were there and it’s good to see regular people who keep coming back for this event.

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There was also a donation station for people who wanted to donate some things for Roma children in Shutka. It was also a nice surprise to see the Italian table. I don’t know Italian but I got to drop one or two Italian words into the conversation. And just as we left, I had to commend Café “Ljubov” for their music selection. It was so good to hear some nice deep house, and when I mentioned it to one of the staff, she told me it was actually her own personal playlist of songs. Nice.

Chris Maiken


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