A beautiful tribute to Chester Bennington

chester bennington

Linkin Park… Even if you don’t know each album by heart, I’m sure that you already heard about them. But if I’m wrong, I’ll introduce theme briefly: It’s an American band of neo-metal from California. They formed in 1996 ( the year of my birth… And I don’t believe in coincidence!) and they are famous internationally since that time.

Linkin Park… this is the symbol of my teenage years, like many young people. So when I heard about the suicide of the band singer, I was touched… Yes, for those who didn’t know, the singer of Linkin Park, Chester Bennington took his life on 20th of july 2017.

But there is a reason I speak about this tragedy now! Indeed, last weekend, the 28/10, a lot of neo-metal artists were meeting in the Hollywood Bowl of Los Angeles for a concert in tribute to Chester Bennington. There was Linkin Park, Blink 182, Sum 41, Korn, No Doubt, System of a Down, Yellow card, and others. All together they played famous songs from the Californian band, during 3 hours!

Thanks to that, Linkin Park has won money that will be donated to an association which helps depressed people: “One More Light Fund”. This is a beautiful tribute to Chester Bennington…

Chloe Dumeusois

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