Visit in Alpha TV station


On 15th December we visited Alpha TV station to get to know more about television journalism. Our guide was Iskra Korovesovska journalist with years of experience in political department. She showed us the places where the news are produced.  We had a chance to talk with the main editor of news in Alpha TV – Kole Casule. Topics that we discussed during short conversations were related to the current situation of media in Macedonia, differences between work in TV and newspaper or main challenges of this profession.  We also asked about what features a good journalist should have and both our speakers agreed that the most important thing in journalism is curiosity.
The meeting was very useful and for one hour we could feel the atmosphere of the TV station. Who knows, maybe some of us could become one day TV journalists?

You will find  more about Iskra Korovesovska in January edition of our VOICES magazine.



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