Study Visit within “TrainVol” project

In the period between 21st and 27th of January, VCS was hosting the second mobility (study visit) for youth workers, within the Capacity building project (KA segment of the Erasmus PlusProgramme) titled “TrainVol”. The study visit in Skopje is second out of four planned mobility, on which the selected youth workers will have the opportunity to learn more about the reality of volunteers and volunteering, in the countries partners of this long-term project: Republic of Macedonia, Greece, Bosnia and Herzegovina and Cyprus. The first mobility took place in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina and the second two mobility activities (study visits) will take place in Nicosia, Cyprus and Athens, Greece, during the month of February.

During the study visit in Skopje, among other activities implemented, the eight youth workers from the involved countries visited various institutions and organizations, very active and important in the field of volunteering and youth work in the Republic of Macedonia, including: National Agency for Sport and Youth, National association for youth work, Association for promotion of volunteering KONEKT, Regional office of the Coalition of youth organizations SEGA, National Agency for European education programs and mobility and the National Youth Council of Macedonia.


The project is funded by the European Commission and it will last till August 2018. More information about the progress of implementation of each stage of the project you can find on the following link:

Gjoko Vukanovski

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