Interview with Dario Juričan: Find Yourself

This author of over 50 short movies in different genres we met at the Dario Juričan in Skopje. Dario Juričan is also regional pioneer in investigative journalism. His first long documentary “The Boss” had a big success. As a producer he had a big success in crowd-funding.

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You don’t have any traditional education in film-making…

– I actually do. I did study at the London Film Academy for a year.

But anyway that is not enough.

-You are a terrible person. No I have a film background. I worked in the film-industry for the last 10 years as a professional film-maker. So that is my background.

You didn’t confront any problems while editing, such as those with the linear editing, whatever?

– You mean about the movie “Boss”, the one we just saw?

Not just about this movie but entirely about movies because some people say that they have problems while film-making if they don’t have any traditional film-education?

Actually I am coming from the fiction film productions, and most of my films, like 90% of them are fiction. So I just recently switched to documentaries. And I discovered that actually I am good in the documentaries. Because I like to play with the structure and I create my characters as fiction characters- and I built a story around it.  I think that my fiction movie background helped me with the documentaries.

Tell us how did you decide to begin with your film-career and what are, according to you, the best movies you have done till now?

OK. I decided to switch into movies while in my early twenties, when I was watching experimental movies. And they were terrible. And I said to myself:“Oh my God, I can do better than that.” So my first movies were experimental. Slowly I moved to fiction. Now I am in documentaries. I specialized in investigative documentaries feature films. So I am making movies, and when I am making movies I am making them for the cinema. But I still think that my first feature “The Boss” is probablyconsidered to be a really good movie. I also have fiction shorts that I really like; this fiction stories are intimate dramas. So I think I am some kind of crazy combination between intimate drama, love stories and on the other side- I am making investigative feature films.

What are the best tendencies in the Croatian Cinema-  in the recent Croatian Cinema and entirely?

– You mean public attendencies?

No tendencies in the cinema, in the movies.

– I am eclectic so I have some experimental authors that I really like from Serbia and from Croatia. And I am huge fan of the American crime movies. But I am also crazy about the contemporary Korean movies, which I consider to be the great best thrillers in the world at the moment. I also like independent American cinema, which now, is practically main stream. So I am combination of everything. In my movies I don’t think you can recognize any of the stiles, I am just eclectic. But for my investigative movies I have certain American documentarists that I am building my documentaries on them- like about food for instance, or the secret war… But I also watch many documentaries from the 80s, 90s even the fresh ones, like the movie series about OJ Simpson which are incredibly good. So I do have an eye for contemporary documentaries but I also watch the classic movies. But I don’t think that I have someone that I copy-paste. I think now I finished my second movie and am on my way to do the third feature. So I think no one before me did investigative documentaries in Croatia so I kind of consider myself to be my own cook.

We saw that you are very successful in the crowd-funding. Did you find yourself as completely left behind in the other sources of financing like the Ministry of Culture, those traditional ones. Did you get rejected so that is why you became interested in this or there was some other reason?

– Actually we were very successful with the funding for the first one. But the shooting took so long and we were like short in the end with the few thousand dollars. And I saw the crowd funding as a good way. I didn’t wanted to ask the Croatian film-fund:“Oh guys we still need money…”, because I wanted to give a chance to the people to put some money in it. Because I saw that the staff we are doing is of such a public importance; I could see that the people will contribute.And I also count on the new movie that the people will contribute with their differences. On the second movie the whole money we put in is ours. Everything what we earned with the first movie we put in for the second movie.

What is your advice to the young film makers? How do you recommend them to begin and continue with their career?

– Two things: be honest to yourself, don’t make stuff that you don’t like. If you like crime stories, make a crime movie. And don’t forget – the fish pond is filled with fish and you need to find your own voice. You need to have balls and they have to be the biggest in the pool. If you don’t have balls, if you don’t have a voice- find it. It took me years to find it. So it is OK. The first movie is probably going to be terrible. But don’t make feature films, make shorts. Than you would find you voice and your balls.

interviewer and photographer– Igor Pop Trajkov

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