Macedonian Museum of Natural History


The building of the “Macedonian Museum of Natural History” is the work of the architect Trajko Dimitrov; this building is also the building of the Zoo Garden. He also designed the “House of Culture – Koco Racin, Skopje”, the business center “Paloma Bianca”, the “Basketball Hall – Rabotnichki”, which he did together with Zhivko Gelevski…  He worked in “Macedonia Project” which he calls the most prestigious architecture company in the region. His building is the home of the one of richest museums of Natural History in the world, which is so largely due to the fact that Macedonia is the fullest region with endemic species in Europe- some 400.

During the WWI within the Generals Headquarters of the German Army was formed the special research unit “Mazedonishe Landeskundliche Kommission”, led by the famous researcher Prof. Dr. Franz Dorflein who was a professor of zoology at the University of Wroclaw. The results of his researches were published in his work “Mazedonien” in 1921. The interest for this unique flora and fauna, presented in his work, as well as for the prehistoric excavations led towards establishing of the museum in this period.


What is very particular for this museum is the fact that the dioramas and the entire presented objects are presented in a lively, dynamic manner which increases the interest of the viewer. You can see here some of the life forms that live only here, such as the rare sort of crab, that looks as a minimized dinosaur. I read some theory that since the Mother Nature is still considered to be the best chemist, it was possible some medicine to be produced from the substances that are in these unique animals and herbs. All objects are well lightened since this building wasbuilt specifically for this use. It also has specified auditoriums for lectures and halls for presentations. The presentations of the dinosaurs and butterflies are stunning with their meticulousness and colors, while the minerals and the prehistoric presentations impress with the unbelievable forms and unusual atmosphere. When you visit this museum you have an impression that you are again entering the world of your childhood imagination. While children, as far as I could notice, tend to observe everything with maximum calmness, no matter how rusty they were before entering inside. Now this museum owns over 270 000 species ofghea, flora and fauna. Also here you can see minerals that were firstly discovered in Alchar near Kavadarci- Reulite, Doralsharite and Jankovicite, while the mineral Mecedonite found in Alinci near Prilep can be found only here. This museum also owned a wonderful meteorite which was stolen few years ago!

written and photographed by Igor Pop Trajkov


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