Day of Earth in Bogomila

22th April, day of our home, planet Earth. NGO Eco Logic like every year organize something special for this day. This time, Chloe and me supported Nikola and his team in action. Early morning we went to Bogomila, small village in the central part of Macedonia, close to the city Veles. Our plan was simple. Together with children from the school we had to clean the village. We divided kids into groups, equipped them with trash bags and gloves and showed the paths. I went with one group more up on the hill where was the monastery, Chloe went in direction of bus station and among the river. The trash bags were full quickly, children didn’t miss any single litter. Then we loaded plenty of trash bags on the truck. We were glad that we were able to collect a lot of garbage. The village looks much better now, hope it stays like that for long time.

After that was time for some sport activities. Kids were full of energy, so we played football and ping pong for hours. Especially the girls were interested in football. I saw big potential in them, hope they continue to do sports. Thanks of this activities we could practice our Macedonian language. At the end we had small celebration with barbecue. We felt very welcomed there. Both with Chloe we look forward for more events with Eco Logic because definitely, Macedonia needs more actions like that.

Paulina Gołębiowska


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