VOICES May 2018

May is already another story: hell day and night. And yet, hardly anyone does not rejoice in the summer. Yes, the asphalt is hot, the sun bakes, it’s hard to breathe, but it’s summer. It is a time to rest, for the sea, for adventures and emotions, for shared moments with family and friends, break from school, from faculty, from work …
We investigated where we mostly want to relax, which are our favorite destinations, which are the secret places we can not afford now, but maybe one day … Who knows? We’ve prepared you a lot of interesting content. Read how to be a top-of-the-line student with all-tens, about our long-time member Gjoko Vukanovski, the Skopje Aqueduct, summer festivals in Poland, the history of Izmir, poker, what people of the world believe, about jeans, and composer Angel Spiroski. Get ready for summer and read “Voices”.

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