Eco action in Bardovci

13th of May VCS and Elkolekt joined teams to clean electronic waste in Bardovci area at Karpoš municipality.

We gathered in the morning with the local people from Elkotekt and joined teams to have more of a blend within people. For VCS volunteers it was a chance not only to help the environment but also to communicate with local people. It was a fun event that helped the nature and also joined the community for a good cause.

For me I felt that it was important to raise awareness on electronic waste and how it should be handled. We met a family that had just before the event drown five screens into the local river and it seemed that they weren’t the only ones using the river as a dumping ground. Because of that it felt even more important to have this type of actions in the future as well.

Other volunteers also pointed out that the neighbourhood was very friendly and close. We had many people offering us berries from their garden and it felt very welcoming.
All in all, big thank you for Elkolekt for making this event happen and let’s continue to raise awareness on recycling.

Ann Aro

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