The Jeans: mystic clothes, worn by everybody or…almost!


Everywhere around the world, people wear it: timeless, unisex and intergenerational, they are the most sold pants: the jeans.

Obviously, we can’t talk about “Jeans” without talking about Levis Strauss. Around 1850, Levis Strauss decided to immigrate to San Francisco,in order to open a branch to sell jean material for tents.  It was a failure. Consequently, Strauss had the idea to make pants from this raw material.

Levi’ story started thanks to his collaboration with tailor Jacob Davisin 1873. The same year they filled a patent and made the leather square a signature trademark. It’s an immediate success. Jeans became the main clothes for workers, who needed resistant pants. So successful in fact, that Levis Strauss had to use another material from Nîmes, France (hence Denim jeans), the name “Jean’s”was kept to refer to the clothing item, but the material had changed.

Did you know thatjeans were brown until 1860? Blue jeansonly appeared onceLevis started to use Denim material. 1890: the famous Levis 501 is created, more robust and resistant for workers. Did you know that small pockets were used to put gold nuggets? 1930: Cow boys and western movies contribute to make jeans becometrendy items, participating in the spread of these pants around the world.

Seventies Hippies used jeans to claim their identity:adding colors, pearls, flowers and other stuff to make jeans a reflection of their own personality. Jeans reflected an idea of freedom:hippies customizedit, youth and women used it as an object of rebellion… In the beginning, jeans sere clothes dedicated to the working class. Even the fashion industry appropriated jeans to make them hip until today. It’s an item that always kept and keeps on inspiring. It is part of every social class, an item that everybody can wear.

Each decade, jeans were renewed.That’s why they live on as timeless clothes. The 501, loose, baggy, tapered, boot cut, flare, slim, skinny, boyfriend, colored …jeans are madefor every taste. No matter the shape of your body, there are Denim jeans made just for you.

You don’t like denim jeans? No problem!There are lot of ways to wear Denim:overalls, jacket, shirt, short… For some people jeans are a « must-have » that you can wear at any occasion.

“I have often said that I wish I had invented blue jeans: the most spectacular, the most practical, the most relaxed and nonchalant. They have expression, modesty, sex appeal, simplicity – all I hope for in my clothes.” – Yves Saint Laurent.

Aida Athmani


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