Yo!Fest 2018, unique youth-led festival

The annual political, musical, youth-led festival of the European Youth Forum, Yo!Fest, for it’s 10th edition took place in Strasbourg, France.

Thousands of young people had the opportunities to express their concerns and raise their voices on the issues that matter to them. This unique event, provided the youths with the space to directly engage with decision-makers, through more than 400 activities, from conferences to interactive workshops, provoking debates and discussions, making Europe stronger.

This year, the YO!Fest was built around 5 themes, including Young and old: Keeping up with the digital revolution, Rich and poor: Calling for a fair share, Apart and together: Working out for a stronger Europe, Safe and dangerous: Staying alive in turbulent times, and Local and global: Protecting our planet.

In addition to the engaging debates and in-depth conversations, the festival included plenty of open-air concerts.

Photos by Alban Grosdidier Sidney Léa Le Bour



YO! Fest

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