Happening now: Summer camp SANO


The Summer Camp for children from 6 to 11 years old, organized by German Language Centre, NGO SANO in cooperation with Volunteers Centre Skopje is ongoing! This week the Summer Camp started with the best summer topic, Sport games. Children from the Summer Camp have outdoors activity with VCS local and EVS volunteers and their educators in the park. Despite the outdoor activities using interactive methodology children are learning German language. Every week they are learning different topics in German. Through different types of games and non-formal methods children are learning new German words, German culture, and basic skills and so on. The camp will last for 10 weeks.

Children are absolutely the most innocent creatures with so positive energy. These little angels are so enthusiastic and playing games. Their happiness is the most powerful spot of positive energy in the universe. VCS local and EVS volunteers already have new little friends who are inviting in their outdoor activates.

Vafire Muharemi

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