The final countdown, ARTpreneurship

Language is a road map of a culture. It tells you where it’s people come from and where they are going. In the city called Buzau in Romania, we were eight countries (Latvia, Cyprus, Spain, Romania, Check Republic, Macedonia, Lithuania, and Poland) and eight different cultures. Cultural nights were a great opportunity to learn new things for another country and to try their traditional food and drinks. Our mutual aim and the aim of this project, financed by Erasmus +,  was to learn how to make a piece of art from different kind of materials and put it on the market.

On the first day of this project, the fascilitator , Tolea, introduced us in the Erasmus + projects. Our first activity was to show on poster state of art in every country which participated on this project and with it to learn for the obstacles on which are showing on the road of every artist who wants to sell his art, like money, manipulating, government stuff.

In the following days, we did Land art, from everything that we found in a park and forest but without destroying the nature like breaking branches of the trees for example. And also we made art from recycling materials.


The most interesting activity for the Macedonian team was writing a business plan. We were split into eight groups, each of that eight plans was different, specific and beautiful. We made plans for how to make cities more beautiful places for leaving, plans how to make an easier life of the artists, and how the small accident like spoiling coffee by mistake can be art.

Few days before the end of this project we were divided into two groups. those who decided to be in expo team did art by creating something new from different kind of materials which will stay for a longer time and the other group “performance” prepared beatbox, jazz ballet and speaking poetry.  Last day we called grand final  – it was show day, where we showed to the public what we had prepared before.

We ended this mission successfully with learning how to become young enterpreunar-ARTpreneurship.

Stefanija Stefanoska

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