Welcome Robin, EVS volunteer from Belgium


Hello there! My name is Robin and I’m from Antwerp, Belgium. I’m 20 years old and at home I partly study and I work as well. In Belgium in my free time, I volunteer at a youth center, which is a bar during the week and a perfect place to host parties in the weekends.

So yeah, being a volunteer in a bar and being Belgian at the same time makes the perfect combination of a beer drinker, which I can really enjoy doing.

The reason I chose Macedonia as my destination, is because I haven’t heard much of Macedonia itself, whenever I told anyone in Belgium I was going to Skopje, they were like ‘wait, where is that?’. I’ve been here only for 3 days, and the differences in culture and other common things are what really amazed me.

 I’m hoping I’ll learn even more, and teach the people over here the ways we Belgians live.

Robin Faes

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