Welcome Madis, EVS Volunteer from Estonia

madisHello! I am Madis Siim Kull and I am a 30 year old Estonian man. This is my second EVS, this time in Macedonia.  Before I went for short term EVS to Romania, actually Transylvania  to restore an old Hungarian settler farm museum. Back home I am an IT specialist and well established hobby photographer. I was graduated in vocational carpenter school in 2009.

I have volunteering experience at folk-music festivals in Estonia. I enjoyed folk music a lot, I like listen to folk-rock, folk-metal and melodic-metal as well.  I admire ethnic and folk culture of my homeland so this is the reason why I regular volunteer on these festivals.  I have participated also in Viljandi photography organization (Viljandi Fotoring).  I am kind and calm young men.
One historical fact that I am proud of till now is that I took part of the Baltic way (human chain) in 1989 ( I was 1 year old child).

Why did I choose to do my long term EVS in Macedonia? Firstly, I’m interested in the topic of the project – Autism. I have close personal connection with this topic. Second thing is that Macedonia seems to be exotic country, like one of these places where you can go once of your lifetime.

Madis Siim Kull

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