Youth Exchange “I want to be a volunteer!”


Everything started from the day Volunteer Centre  Skopje sent us the confirmation  mail that we are accepted in project in Slovenia, Velenje with subject “I want to be a volunteer”. The days were passing  and the day  for going to Slovenia was closer our expectation and impatiens was bigger. The project was held from 4-13.06.2018. On this project were 42 participants from eight countries: Slovenia, Macedonia, Spain, Serbia, Azerbaijan, Georgia the participants were from 17-30 years old.

The subject of this project was focused on needs of society for more volunteers, also stereotypes, discrimination, social inequality, finding our potentiality  and motivation for being volunteers, how volunteering can help us and our society. During the work on the topic were used non-formal education methods. Also in this project we had two days voluntary job, in this two days we made a conclusion how much volunteering can help us feel satisfied with ourselves, and making others happy.

The first day of voluntary job, we were at house for old people, we took old persons for a walk around the house. The surrounding of the house quite calm and had many trees. The feeling that fulfilled us when we saw smiles on their faces was indescribable. In addition, we worked at the school for kids with disabilities, we made their world colorful, and we made patterns for all kind of children games in that way we contributed in their happiness.


One group was on the farm whose landholder was alone with arthritis and no one to help him with arranging his garbage and his woods. Besides the hard work at the end of the day on our and his face was smile.  During the entire project and especially these two days, we learned many things. We learned how one good act can bring smile on someone’s face and how much volunteering is meaning full and nobly. Yes, we did not get money for what we do on Erasmus + projects, but how we felt was priceless.

Through fun illustrations that we made we showed the definition and meaning of  “8 Key Competenses”, we learned how to write Youthpass and how it would help us in the future. We had task to present future volunteering project back in our country. Of course, daily main habits for those nine days were the workshops, activities, games and parties. This project helped us to meet many new friends who were not tackling about cultural, religious, language differences we were and we will be here for each other in any moment. For this nine days we learned not to value humanity materially but according to their kindness.

Jovana Naseva

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