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Romania, beautiful country  with gorgeous  nature.  We were 5 people from Macedonia on youth exchange in Bushteni, Romania from  19.06 to 29.06. Those were the best  10 days in our lives.  Bushteni is small city placed at the bottom of Bucegi mountains . It was our first time in Bushteni  so we didn’t know what to expect.  When we arrived in villa Cristina (our accommodation) we were welcomed by 3 wonderful people,  the organizers.

The participants in the project were from 8 countries: Romania, Macedonia, Bulgaria, Greece, Spain, Italy, Latvia and Czech Republic.  Activities in the first day were only for introduction and we did that through the game. For the first game everyone wrote their name and country on a piece of paper and when the organizer gave us a sign we started to rotate the papers until the organizer gave us another sign to stop and we ended up with someone’s name and country and we were supposed to draw this person’s head. After we finished the drawing we repeated the previous step (the organizer gave us a sign to start and stop the rotation of the papers). Then, we were supposed to draw the eyes of the new person and so on… This was a fun game for getting to know each other and crack the ice.

The topic of our project was business and entrepreneurship.  We learned some very useful skills like making europass CV, interviews, and we learned how to make business plan. Beside this, we made a business plan in groups and at the end we had to make 2 videos to promote our company. That was the funniest part from the project because the videos were very creative. Also we had an intercultural night where every country  presents their own country and we learned  a lot about other languages and cultures.

If you have an option to apply for an youth exchange project , don’t overthink it. Apply now, because it is an amazing experience and opportunity to meet new people and practice your English .

Sofija Gjuzelova

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