Hitchhiking: a taste of adventure, freedom and friendly time


Hitchhiking for traveling? No way, that’s what I thought before to experiment it.

For a lot of people, hitchhiking sounds like something negative, something which can be dangerous, especially when you are alone and even more when you are a girl.

Hitchhiking is a question of feeling. When the driver stops, there is this moment during what you have to decide if you should go or not. In few second, you have to judge the driver (young, old, alone…), some criteria before accepting to go in. When you are with a friend, it’s a bit easier to take that decision.

Hitchhiking is a lot about the questions and feelings you get while making a decision. For hitchhiker it usually comes before stepping in the car, and for the driver while deciding to stop or not.


Before, I would never think about hitchhiking for travelling. Even more, I’ve never pick up a hitchhiker. To travel as an hitchhiker is not to go without any plans but rather having to plan out everything for the trip. Planning out all the cities you want to stop by…But of course with hitchhiking nothing goes as planned and you must not get discouraged by that. Plans should be flexible so they can be changed according to the situations that come along with hitchhiking. Because of that hitchhiking can give a really taste of adventure.

Human experiment, that’s how I would like to define “hitchhiking”. If you are as lucky during your trip as I was with my friend, hitchhiking can be amazing way to meet nice people. Hitchhiking can give you an opportunity to experience something that might never happen in normal daily life. To be driven in a fish car, to cross a border by walk with your passport in hand, to share one seat with your big backpack, to have a empty bus station just for you for sleeping the night… Or just to be invited to eat, to be helped for getting bus tickets or to find a place to sleep…

It makes you see the goods sides of humans. In a way, it makes you change your vision about people.  Obviously not all people are nice. Sometimes you can be lucky and others times unlucky. Always keep in mind to be careful.

Hitchhiking its moment of doubts and your mood goes up and down. Desperately, you can wait for a car during a long time… Or a lot of cars can stop just to ask where you are going even if there is no space in their car, funny moment.

And you have to decide to continue the wait or to find another way to reach your goal, by bus or train. To mix the transportation can be fun because you feel really included in the culture of the country. There are different ways to discover a country.


For sure I would never have done hitchhiking without my friend. I don’t regret it at all. You share unforgettable memories. One important part for this type of traveling is that you discover during your trip how well you and your partner match with each other. You learn so much about your partner and spend all your time with her/him, so you have to choose a good one.

 By pair is the most satisfying and funny way for me to travelling like this.

For many reasons you can decide to hitchhike, for saving money, meeting new people, sharing amazing moments with your partner, discovering places differently…

Hope to convince you that hitchhiking can be a good idea for people who like or look for an adventure.

Aida Athmani

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