At the begging of the world cup, picks were doing well. Which team will win this 21 first soccer competition. The title holder, Germany? Brazil with Neymar? Or the unpredictable Spain ? And what about France with its young team, Argentine with Messi or Portugal, last winner of European Cup?  Or Belgium lead by Hazard, also the discreet Croatia which reached the finale. Even with forecaster, nothing can be predictable in soccer world cup, and this year showed it to us. Who have thought that France and Croatia would end up in the Finale together? Maybe French and Croatian people! But what was the surprise after the elimination of the favorites teams like Germany, Argentina, Belgium and Brazil.  Untitled-1 copy

12 of July, 1998 an unforgettable date for French team. A date which marked the history of French football. The French football team won its first world cup. Even more striking is that the competition was held in France. What better way to celebrate the victory of your team than to play at home and have your peoples support.

Didier Deschamps, player and captain of this team 1998 marked the history of his imprint. He won the world cup as a player. And 20 years later, he won as a coach. At 49 years old, he is the third player of the soccer history to win as player and trainer.

The young generation heard a lot of stories from our grand-parents and parents about the victory of French soccer team in 1998. To listen memories about that and to see it happen in person is completely different. During this World Cup the memory of the victory in 1998 was very present. We could feel the joy they had when France won, especially against Brazil, 3-0. Also, now we will be able to tell the story about the incredible victory of French football team in 2018 to our next generations.


Enough speaking about the French victory. Let’s have some words for Croatia which surprised most of the world during this competition. The first time these two teams met in semi-finals was, when France won and faced Brazil in the. But 20 years later it was the same teams in the final and France claim the victory once again. Croatia could be proud with since the team managed to win the hearts of the people during this world cup. One of the best games of the competition with good technical players as Ivan Rakiticor Luka

Modric, who was elected as the best player of the world cup… The first team of World Cup history which reached the final after played three matches with extra-time. Even after that, they played high level of soccer, a magnificent defeat. And for sure, this generation of players marked the history with their first qualification for a finale of world cup.

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Celebration to Champs-Élysées

For each important event, Champs-Élysées become the place to overrun. Just after the victory, Champs-Élysées became avenue of party and celebration.  Thousands of people full the avenue; it’s was a great moment of popular jubilation. The Marseillaise sound through in the four corners of the country. Everybody sang and danced in streets. Horns, firecrackers, fireworks all stuff to express the joy of victory.   The next day, it was the time to welcome the players, who passed by bus along the Champs-Élysées, acclaimed by the raging crowd.Ephemeral moment during which people forget everything, and make dream so many kids.

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Some statistics

In 1998 was the first world cup final played by French soccer team, the second in 2006 and 2018. French soccer team is first to score 4 goals in final since Brazil in 1970. Killian Mbappé wasn’t born when France won in 1998, 2 decades later he had an important role in the victory of France in Russia. He is the youngest scorer in a world cup final since Pelé (1958). Young but already elected as the best young player of the world cup.

At the beginning of the competition it was quite hard to believe that France could win, because their games weren’t the best. But, match after match the confidence in our team grew up. And they managed to give a great performance in the end. 2018 is a year that we will never forget. Especially when you support France from Macedonia next to Polish, Belgium people or in company to a Macedonian fervent fan of French team since 1998. Let’s meet us in 2022 to enjoy again this incredible parenthesis allows by sport. Or even in 2019 for Rugby world cup.

Athmani Aida

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