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There is a new phenomenon emerging in our society is called motivational speaking. The popularity has grown as more and more people are dealing with “soul wounds” and hardships of life. I have seen growing numbers of youth struggling far more with those issues, than people in my generation. Motivational speaking main idea is to share people’s personal experiences on how they achieved some goals or how they have overcome challenges in life. I believe that many of you have seen or at least heard of TEDX conference. It’s an event with many featured speakers, who express their thoughts, concerns and life experiences to the public. In reality I do not wish to speak about TEDX. I actually would like to introduce motivational speakers that touched my life, with their messages.


For the first person I would like to introduce a Irish-Canadian motivational speaker named Molly Jane Lucy Burke, usually she goes with just Molly Burke. I discovered her year or two ago when I still suffered from my depression. She spreads message of kindness. Her moto is: “to educate, motivate inspire at least one person.”
Her motivational talks are usually about blindness and breaking the stigma about it. She also touches on other mental illnesses like anxiety, depression and she is advocate against bullying in the school system. She was bullied in school when she lost her sight in 8th grade and lost all her school friends. After which she suffered a severe depression and struggled with suicidal thoughts. She was diagnosed rare eye disease of Retinitis Pigmentosa, (RP) when she was 4 years old. Despite her situation, she still was doing her hobbies such as singing, doing makeup and suspension yoga, as well as downhill skiing and horseback riding. Of course, for some of her hobbies like downhill skiing and horseback riding she needs a sighted guide. Later in life, when her beloved first guide dog Gypsy died. Molly suffered anxiety disorder, because she blamed herself for the death of her dog. She had to take medication and go to therapy to overcome it. She had put a lot of effort into being a very good dog owner, educating herself with books, so when Gypsy died she thought she had done something wrong. While in reality Gypsy had health problems, which turned out to be an aggressive form of cancer. Molly took her in to wet care, but unfortunately that was the last time they were together. It was nobody’s fault that Gypsy died so suddenly after being a dedicated service dog for 7 years. Molly managed to come over it and Gypsy will always remain in her heart. Now she is companied by a fateful and silent new guide dog named Gallop, who she loved dearly.

I have never been to any of her speaking events because, I live in Estonia and she lives and works in North America and Canada. But her motivational content on her YouTube channel helped me a lot. Watching her content helped me realize that if a blind girl can find a way to rule her world then it might be possible for me too.

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As a second personality, I would like to introduce Derek Clark AKA Rapping Dad. He was neglected by his parents, his father tried to kill him several times. He was a child who was abandoned in foster care, when he was just 5-year-old. From there He was sent to series of foster homes. Until one day there was only one foster home left, that was willing to give him a chance to stay. Even though the family was not looking to foster a new child, they took him in with an open mind. Being a foster family is a difficult job as the children often have internal problems and need a lot of time for adaptation. Also often the children want to go back to their violent homes, when they turn 18 years old. Reason behind that is that the government stops paying the foster family for the child’s upkeep. Never the less they took Derek in and become his family. Regardless of that Derek had rebellious childhood. He was dealing with lots of anger problems; he constantly got himself into fights. Until one day while going home from high school with his friends. He saw a group of guys battling it out via rap music. He wanted to do this rap so bad. He had so much poison in his soul. He said to his friend that he wants to do a rap battle with someone. So, he got his first chance and he failed really bad. Never the less, rap become his new passion. He practiced and battled for a year with no success. Until he discovered that he had a talent for tongue twisting. He began to win rap battles from this moment on. It’s fair to say that rap music saved his life. He had chance to express all the hurt and anger that was in his soul, in the most constructive way. He graduated the school, he was the only one how manage to do that in his family. His mom dropped out in 9th grade, his dad never attended, and siblings were murdered in their teen years.


He’s motivational talks are about never giving up, never limiting our life. As long as your heart is beating you have purpose, you just need to find it. Every child is worthy of love and family.
Derek’s quotes : “To not let your inner, me to be your enemy.”
“It’s not important what has happened to me, it’s important what is happening inside me”


I feel strong connection with Derek because there are some similarities between his life and mine. He was saved by Rap music. I have similar relationship with my passion for photography. It is possible to change your life path. I am a person that had a tough childhood that was the reason for my depression. I have got over it with the help of these speakers and many other things. I might write something more about depression and mental health in the future. The important part is to seek help if you are struggling. Seeking for help is never sign of weakness, but sign of strength.

Madis-Siim Kull

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