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I already knew where I`m going and with whom I`m dealing with…Sardinia was probably my best experience ever. An island that is so wild and challenging but still so friendly and laid back people. Some of the most amazing sunrises and endless sunsets to be seen here that attracts people from whole Europe to come. The rocky mountains and the sea on the other side make a perfect contrast if you cannot decide what you prefer better.

And of course, our hosts, Mine Vaganti association, busy and hardworking team, always with splendid ideas and solutions, one of the best partners of my Volunteers Centre Skopje to work with. The training that was about to begin was a logical and expected continue, second part of a 2 phase project that gathered participants from Spain, Italy, Macedonia, Serbia, Kosovo and Albania on agro-tourist entrepreneurship, a perfect environment to learn about the best practices and hear the local successful stories on that topic.

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And yet, still the memories are fresh of my last visit there as well as my favorite Sardinian flag proudly standing on my FB profile since then. Everything pointed out on amazing experience and brand new competences to gain, even the bus trip that we took to get there, travelling across several countries was a challenge itself, a call to an adventure, team building and cultural visits. We started from Macedonia, continuing the journey through Serbia, Croatia then Slovenia and finally Italy. We shared everything that a team can share: food and beverages, stories and experiences, smiles and best practices. We took the night ferry that went from the main land to Sardinia and we were there in the morning, just the right time to see an amazing sunrise over Porto di Golfo Aranci and a cultural visit of the city of Olbia on the arrival day before the official start of the activities.

Our venue Porto Conte as well as our accommodation was more than breathtaking: small village, near the beach where we performed morning Yoga and stretching, in the house of Stefano and his family, a famous Sardinian guy who travelled 95 countries worldwide on his bicycle. And for the workshops we have implemented we were given a space in the local museum of flora and fauna. We worked hard in that international environment during the following week, to come out with some brilliant ideas on entrepreneurship, creating business plan, networking and presentation of ideas, enhancing our competences and gaining new skills as planned. And of course, not to forget to enjoy and have fun during the process with cultural visits, exploring the surrounding and tasting the local food and specialties prepared for us by our host Stefano. We were out there in the wildness practically, with everyday closer encounters with wild donkeys and wild boars that naturally lived all around. Just to mention the visit and reflections of the work we had at Capo Caccia, one of the most famous spots to watch the incredible sunset that you have the impression it lasts forever.

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With the support of the great logistical team of our hosts we accomplished every task we put in front of us related to the training but also their valuable recommendations which route to choose on our way back home and what was worth to see and visit. Places like Porto Ferro, Castelsardo, Porto Cervo, Porto Pollo and many others on our way were really must-see spots.

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The night ferry took us back on the main land on our departure day. Livorno and Toscana region just before we set our route back to our homes. My teammates and peers were so impressed by the whole picture of what Sardinia has offered for us. They all had stories to tell, experiences to share. And for me it was another brilliant chapter of the probably the best venues of my heart that I have visited. I leave it open, just like that `cause I know there will be another time for me. That`s my beautiful Sardinia.

Goran Galabov


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