Youth exchange “Photo-I”

From 30.09 – 08.10.2018 the group of six young people from Macedonia took part in Youth Exchange “Photo-I” in Nasutów, Poland. The village is situated at the edge of the local landscape park and has around 1100 inhabitants. Nasutów is located 12 km away from Lublin, the biggest city on the east of Poland.


PHOTO-I-20The subject of the project was photography combined with interpersonal communication and gaining valuable competencies in the labour market. The main objective was to raise awareness, develop photography skills as tool for self-presentation and communication in Internet. There were 18 participants coming from 3 countries: Macedonia, Poland and Italy.  At the beginning we had activities for getting to know each other to become more integrated. We also had a workshops for developing our interpersonal skills. Through photos that we took during YE we had a chance to self- present and show our creativity. What’s more, we learned other useful skills e.g. how to prepare Europass CV or how to make ideal portrait photo.  After that, our task was to make an event in one of the high schools in Lublin.  The point was to show to students how to make accurate photos that they might use in social media and raise awareness about posting photos in the Internet.
We hoped that we boosted their creativity and motivated them for better self performance in the Internet. Also, we shared with student’s knowledge about our countries and cultures. Students asked many question about Erasmus+ programme so we tried to encourage them to participate in Youth Exchanges or Training Courses. The workshop in high school was our main task so after finishing that we could enjoy our intercultural night. Each group prepared traditional dishes and drinks that we all have tasted. Also, there was time to dance and sing national songs. Thank of this event we learned a lot about other cultures and make already some travel plans.

As a reward every participant got a Youthpass certificate for taking a part in this project. If you have a possibility to go for a youth exchange project, do not hesitate. It’s a great opportunity for self-development, to experience new cultures and to understand the real meaning of the global citizen, improve English and what’s even more important to make new friendships.

Magdalena Ilieva


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