“If you don`t like where you stand-MOVE! You are not a tree!”

It`s one of the quotes I like that reflects one of the Erasmus+ program objectives: Mobility.


Throughout the years participating on different projects I had the opportunity to experience, first hand, the importance of mobility for the flow of information and the share of the best practices. People get connected, establish collaboration, learn and obtain brand new skills for the demanding and always changing present and future to come. Still I want to think that one of the most challenging issues that mobility itself puts in front of us is confronting you with yourself. It means being aware of where you stand, your starting position, finding a way to improve yourself and the best-how far you can go, in which direction. In my opinion everything in this world works perfectly, as it should be but still getting better, improving, updating and adapting to the change. I`ve been away from home one year during my military service, no comfort zone, constantly building new friendships, partnerships, left on your own devices and judgment, learning, “surviving” the day as you think it should be better, no time to waste but make the best out of it. And again the European Voluntary Service offers much more, the long term one, means 6-12 months spent in intercultural environment, new people, mixed culture, local customs and languages to learn. Every time you try to express yourself in other language you are like new person: reborn, your mindset is different, your brain works differently and you put more efforts and consciousness in the process. That`s a nice start for a change, don`t you think? New people are getting daily into your life, tasks that you should provide different solutions to reply.

v4As a coordinator, mentor and friend of my EVS volunteers I`m completely aware of the stages they are going through. That`s why I always put myself on the line, to be there for them, with valuable tips and life hacks they can use. These young people that are coming and going, they are my HEROES OF TODAY, of a brand new world and a change that is about to happen. They have a vision of the directions where the World is heading to, in different aspects of education, networking, technology, friendship. OK, maybe it is not very clear vision but they know it by intuition that comes always when you are open minded, They can fall 100 times and still get up quickly with a smile and enthusiasm and walk the road they have chosen. That`s how we change the world: by changing ourselves, learning, becoming better, improving, with our own example, showing and sharing it without words, a silence that influences the life styles of others. And when it comes out straight from your heart even the Universe accepts it and supports your frequency. I always admired their courage to relocate, coming from remote places; it looks to us the locals that they are coming almost from the final frontier of Europe. Yes, I have visited some of their home cities, 2-3 hours of flight from here, sometimes more than 24 hours on the trip. But try to walk in their shoes: for sure Macedonia for them is the same, on the other side of the map. That goes also for our local volunteers that we send abroad to the unknown. Provided with info-pack of the venue, activities and contacts they pack their luggage and simply go out to play, with a sparkle in their eyes, eager to learn and get the best out of their EVS service.

I am a happy and very satisfied person. How many of the people have the chance to spend their time and interact with their heroes? We work, laugh, have fun, travel and learn together how to become better and ready for what comes next. We influence our lives both ways. And we never say Goodbye. With our cooperation, friendship and networking we make every corner of the world just like neighborhood, easy to access, easy to come. So you never know when you are going to have the next cup of coffee with your neighbors and talk about the old times, what you have been and where you are now. The hugs and the smiles are for free.

Goran Galabov


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