VOICES January 2019

Winter is bringing whiteness in our lives. Many people are trying to start new life books in this month. Famous as well as the month of holidays and children happiness January is bringing new light and hopes in people’s lives.  Starting with new life challenges and promises people are trying to give better flow of their lives. Some people, in the start of the New year are looking just as one formal end of a project cycle. It is up to the human being how will accept the new year. For us, in VCS it means opening new paper sheet and starting planning all attractive topics bring for our readers. We start with quite interesting topic for the youth around the globe. We are speaking about “Sex and love”. Than we continue to explore youth modern life through “The dark side of the smart phone revolution”. Let see how was “New year” in different countries. The beginning of new year means new life opportunities and new life decisions and experiences such as“Losing virginity”. Life of our accentors has left us big legacy that still are using “Fair, way to bring NGO people in one place”. Finally, let have a look in the “Tom of Finland” and “Surva festival”.

Our celebration people, VCS New Year gift is coming to you! Open and enjoy it!

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