We are cool, we are volunteers!

Volunteering is one of the most beautiful experiences that a person can experience. Being a volunteer means to act with the society without expecting a financial or material reimbursement in return. In order to raise awareness of the benefits of volunteering and to encourage young people to take initiative, a youth exchange with a duration of 7 days (16-22.12.2018) was organized in Kocajaeli – Turkey by #UnitedYouthforActiveCommunity. Participation was attended by 40 participants from 6 countries. The consortium consisted of Macedonia, Turkey, Spain, Bulgaria, Croatia and Greece.


Within the Erasmus+ project, a series of activities of a different type were implemented using non-formal education tools. Starting with “energizers, team work and open discussions were focused on the key aspects of the topic. It was discussed about the rights and responsibilities of the volunteer, his/hers personal, professional and social benefits, as well as the inexhaustible sources of motivation for starting a volunteer work. We hope that the participation of our team has contributed to the improvement of the quality of the project’s contents, and with the information we have acquired we are a step ahead of making a positive change in our society!

Maria Tancheva

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