Traveling ‘solo’ on the Caribbean islands

46516229_1452306934914027_3683809465712246784_n46641067_2389683737740261_4263416977344692224_nOne of my best adventurous experiences was deciding to go alone on the islands where the salsa originated. I must confess that before my trip I didn’t have time to check any tips or experiences from the previous travelers around these islands. But that actually at the end was feasible because you will receive most when you will expect least. Earlier, while I was trying to find my favorite country, where I would go for a second time, I didn’t think that this small island will have that power to provide a special place in my heart. Party, pina colada, salsa, chavos, magnificent beach, welcoming people… can you guess?

That’s Puerto Rican definition. This was my first destination from the latin trip. Puerto Rico (from Spanish translation – rich port) is an unincorporated territory of the United States, located in the northeastern Caribbean. The island feels more like Latin America than the United States. It is surrounded with a thousand of friendly and welcoming people most of whom speak English (in addition to their native Spanish). What is interesting to know about this island is that Puerto Rico was first discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1493 and it is the only place that has a tropical rain forest without bears and snakes. But what I didn’t read before I went there is that the best time to avoid the crowds is the low season between May and November, which, unfortunately, coincides with hurricane season (officially — from June 1 to November 30). Well I was there in the middle of September. And all alone…

46505894_925987454457042_5441457396318732288_n46749192_256053851742666_5223803198380179456_nWithout panic, if you are already there in that period of time after all, you’re your own boss, and the only person you need to worry about is yourself. And the possibility of a hurricane. Apart from that, if you try to make a connection with the others, you will meet amazing people living in San Juan. Remember that 99% of the Puerto Rican population is Latino. If you want to see the other part of the culture do not worry! Even though, there are many tourists like you, looking for a company at least for a drink.  There are parties all over San Juan, with both day/night programs. Furthermore, San Juan Harbor is the fourth busiest in the Western Hemisphere, and is ranked among the top 17 of the world’s ports in terms of container movement. But go outside of your comfort zone, and make a trip around the whole island. Traveling on your own on this island it’s one of the best decisions. That’s why if you have a chance to set the visa in your passport, don’t hesitate to visit this amazing place. Fully recommended!

Aleksandra Krstevska

To be continued…

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