If you can`t sleep at night it`s because you are awake in someone else`s dream”-Japanese proverb

Life as we know it happens here and now, with our presence or without, in this dimension. And still the scientists argue on how many and what other dimensions are possible out there for us. Well since the beginning of time, maybe not aware but still we are blessed to have a getaway, teleportation or access to another mysterious dimension: the dream.


The dream is defined as a sensory experience created by our subconscious mind while the physical body is in state of sleep. It is the story that the brain tells during the sleep, a compilation of emotions, memories, images, ideas, sensations, all together connected in a strange way and still not fully understood. Still the million dollars question remains: Why we dream? Or what causes the dream? It is one of the greatest mysteries about us.

There are several theories on that question like processing and sorting out all the info and impressions we receive during our daily active life, reflection of our emotions, preparation for possible future threats, even adaption to the environment.

Scientists agree that everybody`s dreaming, multiple times every night, but most of that we cannot remember when awake. And some dream in color, some black & white mode, with the sound on or in silence. Whether the dreams are result of physiological, biological or psychological nature certainly it have some importance, so the interpretation can be a step further to understand ourselves and as presumed, to understand the message that subconscious mind and the soul leave for us, subtle and mysterious or very clear and easy to understand.


The interpretation of the dreams is present in many cultures and religions. It is believed that the Egyptians created the first “Dream Dictionary” around 4.000 years ago, containing symbols and specific elements with certain meaning. The researchers say that dream interpretation can help us reveal our repressed memories or the fears in our subconscious that control us and stop us from taking action. It can also improve our intuition or connection with the inner voice. The dreams can open the door of a large database of info about us and the outside world that normally we cannot access while awake in the physical realm. And of course, it improves the physical condition of the body and the brain as we need healthy sleep to survive. It is believed that during the sleep, by switching off the consciousness the body can heal the wounds and detox easily by releasing the right hormones and redistributing the blood flow.

Still the dream interpretation is not something exact and straightforward method that you can rely on because everyone`s unique, with personal emotions, beliefs, capacities and tasks to fulfill. And yet, there are some typical types of dreams like: Lucid dreams, when we are aware that we dream and actively guide or participate in it, then Nightmares, disturbing, stress-hormones releasing and frightening dreams like a response to a trauma or ignoring to accept real life situation or fear that needs to be confronted. Recurring or Signal dreams occur repeatedly with variations of the story and pointing out on issues that bother us, to be resolved or decisions to be made. Very interesting category are the Prophetic dreams that have no logical background explanation, precognitive and predicting the future events that are about to happen. And some people really have a good connection with their subconscious mind, dreaming symbols, events, images or similar that point out on what comes next.


Probably most of our dreams are Downloading or Normal dreams that provide psychic relief. Our active walking life faces us during the day with so many people, information, impressions and stimulants that occupy our nervous system. All of them have to be sorted by importance or discard to make a space for more incoming data.

And as an astrologist the most interesting part for me is the relation of the dreams with the Zodiac Signs. It is notable that different zodiac elements have certain types of dreams. Briefly said, the Water element signs (Scorpio, Pisces and Cancer) tend to have more prophetic dreams. The Fire element (Leo, Sagittarius and Aries) often dream recurring dreams. Their subconscious is trying to tip them with solutions for issues that should not be ignored. Capricorn, Taurus and Virgo of the stable Earth element dream about normal life practicalities or sometimes too much involved in the real life experience the downloading dreams. More complex for interpretation are the dreams of the Air element (Aquarius, Gemini and Libra) as there`s more science, fiction and fantasy present.

Whatever your dream means and represents, in my experience the most important is the general feeling when you wake up and become aware that you had a dream. The feeling is always an indicator before everything else pops up to our minds. Of course, try to recycle the waste of the information collected in your brain during the active daytime.


And me….I love those dreams with open eyes during the day. Soon enough maybe you will find your dream just like that, while walking down the streets. That`s what I do: dream, contemplate and process or execute. Scientists say that Daydreaming could be up to 120 minutes every day but in a good and inspiring day I can go even further.

Pay attention to your dreams. There`s always something to learn about ourselves or to get a tip in which direction is better to go.When the night falls and the God of dreams Morpheus comes to you, no matter whether you take the blue or the red pill of dreams, just don`t forget that the dream is the only state of our existence that raises only one question: Why not?


Goran Galabov

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