Welcome our new volunteer from Finland!

Hi everybody,

I’m Emilie, 27 years old human being from Finland, living in Helsinki.

I came here to volunteer for a month and I’m going to spend my time doing mostly the VOICES magazine. I’m happy that I can put my skills in use here as I’m a graphic designer. I’ve never been in Macedonia before and I’m super excited about the new culture and the things that I can learn.

I graduated in May from school, were I studied television and movies from filming to editing and all the stuff between. Besides that, I enjoy doing arts in almost any form. I’d describe myself as an artistic and creative person, who’s eager to learn new things.

In my free time, I love to go, see and listen to live music, drink lots of coffee, to photograph, draw and wander around in nature.

I’m an animal lover, and every time I see a dog or a cat my heart melts.

In the future I hope that I can do what I love, create art and maybe live abroad somewhere with my cats and dogs.

Until then I will explore more and have a good time!

Emilie Kanervo

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