Welcome Johanna — Our volunteer from Finland!

Let me introduce myself,

my name is Johanna and I’m the newest Finnish addition to the volunteer team at VCS. We Finns are slowly taking over, as there are four of us here already! 

After working on an Erasmus+ training in May I was introduced to the EVS and ESC programs.  I was presented by an awesome opportunity to volunteer for a month in Macedonia and immediately grabbed the chance.

Volunteering is something I am passionate about as I have been hosting art and language related workshops for four years. The essence of volunteering in my opinion is human interactions and meeting different persons. Learning about different cultures and ways of life broadens your mental horizon and gives you a opportunity to create a more tolerant world at a grass-root level.

I love arts, and have been painting and drawing since a small child. I am a bit of a nerd at heart and during pastime I love reading scientific literature and playing boardgames with my friends. Geocaching is also an interesting hobby of mine. It is a real world GPS-enabled treasure hunt, where you search for secret containers and write your signature in a logbook. There are some geocaches in Skopje also and I’m looking forward in finding some here.

After being in Macedonia for one day I have already fell in love with this beautiful country with it’s friendly inhabitants and found friends from the awesome team of Volunteers of VCS. I am excited for the experiences the next five weeks here will bring!

Johanna Wahlberg

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