Welcome Pentti – Our new volunteer from Finland!


My name is Pentti Haukipuro and I am from Finland, Northern Ostrobothnia in Haapavesi. In my childhood I lived in the countryside where nature became very familiar to me. In the end, this led to the fact that I enjoy navigating waterways and forests very much, and that’s also why I like to spend my time hiking whenever it is possible.

I have also been doing a lot more than just sneaking around in the forests but now I’m too lazy to tell the whole litany. I still enjoy living in the city and have spent several years living in Oulu, but have lived on behalf of others in Sweden and southern Finland.

I graduated as a multimedia supplier about eight years ago. After that I have studied media techniques and a little bit of journalism in Open University of applied sciences. I have been mainly working at the sea as a deckhand. However, soon I will graduate and then I will be watch-keeper on deck. I like working on the sea but still the media industry has started to be interesting more and more for me and my future.

I like to travel and I’ve always been interested in doing some volunteering stuff someday. Fortunately, through the Alliance, I found the opportunity to join a project: VCS where the VOICES magazine is made, so I took the opportunity.

I have previously worked in Erasmus-camps in Romania and Turkey. In Romania, the topic was rural opportunities, how to develop the countryside while preserving its uniqueness. In Turkey, the first camp was about making animations and the next topic was recycling.

I arrived to Macedonia a few days ago by flying from Turku. So far I have enjoyed my stay here very much and people have been very friendly and open minded. If somebody is ever wondering if it is worth going to do volunteering work in the world, I’d say definitely yes; if you have time, then you can get another meaning to your trip.

 Best regards!

Pentti Haukipuro

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